Configure your iOS app based on your preferences.


In this section, you will see all your added accounts in Canary. You may also add more accounts through the Add Account option.


This section allows you to configure display settings in your app.

Unified Inbox

Enabling Unified Inbox will show all emails from active inboxes.


You can set your notifications for the iOS app. Setting it to None will disable all notifications, All will send notifications all emails and Smart will only send notifications for important emails excluding newsletters…

Preview in Notifications

Enable this option to view a preview of your email even before opening it.

Read Notifications

Enabling Read Notifications will send you alert whenever an email has been read or opened by the recipient.

Notifications Type

You can choose between Push and Fetch notifications. Push notifications displays a pop-up message to alert you of an activity in real time. Use Push if you want real-time notifications, otherwise Fetch will download new emails when you’re connected to the internet.


You can set the appearance of your app to Light (Default) or Dark. Appearance set to Light

Appearance set to Dark


Enabling this option gives a transparent effect allowing the background image to be seen through the color band of your display.


There are two options in setting the Background image in your app. The Automatic option allows Canary to load random images and set it as the background of the app. You may also upload your images from your device and use it as your background image. *Note, however, that background images will only be displayed if the selected folder is empty. *


Enable this option to display the Avatars of your contacts.


Enabling this option, display Separator lines between emails.

Preview Lines

You can set your email previews to 0-2 lines.

Dim Bulk Mail

Dim bulk mail makes less important email such as newsletters appear dimmed in inbox ‘All’ tab.

Sent Sound

Enable this to get a sound effect whenever an email is sent.

Show Full Emails

Enabling this will show the full content of the email whenever you open an email, otherwise, a preview will be displayed.

Dynamic Fonts

Dynamic fonts respects font size set in System Preferences > Accessibility > Larger Font.


The Behaviors subsection lets you configure your preferences as follows.

Swipe Actions

Swipe Actions lets you configure swipes to easily archive, delete, set to snooze, move an email in the thread list.


Use the Snooze to temporarily remove emails and reminders from your inbox until a certain time that you need them.


This feature allows your to add, edit and delete Signatures you use for your email accounts.


Select Conversation view to group messages or Conversation view off if you don’t want your messages to be grouped.

Default Browser

Set your default browser when opening links in an email.


This feature allows you to track read emails.

Block Trackers

Use this option to enable/disable read tracking in all emails.

Send & Archive

Enabling this option will archive all emails automatically after sending.

Select on Move

When you move or delete an email, the setting decides which email is selected next automatically.

Load Remote Content

This option stops Canary from automatically loading images and other remote content when you first open an email message

Move Entire Thread

Enable this to an entire threaded conversation from one folder to another.

Protect App Access

Use your Touch ID or passcode to restrict access to your Canary App.

Encrypt by Default

Enabling this feature will encrypt all emails you send by default.

Sign by Default

Enabling this feature will insert your signature in all emails.

Undo Send

Enable this to cancel or Undo sending of an email.


Help us improve Canary by enabling the Analytics feature and providing analytics, diagnostic and usage information.

Verbose Logging

Enable Verbose Logging to record usage logs of Canary which can help us in troubleshooting issues encountered.

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