Welcome to Canary for Mac. This quick walk-through will introduce the important parts of Canary's window panes and controls. First, the Navigation Bar.

Navigation Bar

  1. This button expands or collapses the folder view.
  2. The More icon expands or collapses less frequently used folders, such as Drafts, Outbox, Starred, All Mail, Trash, and Spam.
  1. The Theme icon switches from one Canary theme to another.
  2. The Sidebar button shows or hides the Canary sidebar.

The Thread Pane

The Thread Pane contains a list of all messages in a folder, topped by Canary's thread controls.

Thread Controls

All displays all messages in a folder, while Focused presents a view of more important messages as determined by Canary AI.

  1. The Search icon presents a search field to find messages by keyword.
  2. The Filter icon displays only one of the following: unread messages, unanswered messages, starred messages, or messages with attachments. You may also display only one of the following Gmail categories: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.
  3. The Activity Stream displays messages that have been read by the recipient.
  4. The Cleaner icon allows you to bulk-select messages to apply an action to all of them at once. You can archive, delete, snooze, move, pin, star, and mark conversations as read.
  5. The Compose button opens the message editor for composition of new messages.

Thread List

The Thread List displays all messages in a selected folder.

Messages whose sender appears in blue are addressed directly to your e-mail address, while senders in light gray indicate less important mail like mailing list messages.

Unread messages' subject lines appear in blue, while read messages appear in light gray.

The Message Pane

The Message Pane contains message headers (hidden by default), message content, and message controls.

Message Controls

At the top of a message are the message controls.

  1. The checkmark icon archives a message.
  2. The X icon moves a message to the Trash folder.
  3. The clock icon snoozes a message.
  4. The folder icon moves the message to another folder.
  5. The More Actions icon offers access to star a message, pin a message, mark a message as unread, and printing.
  6. The Thumbs Down icon unsubscribes you from the mailing list associated with a message.

Below the message controls are the message subject and conversation/thread participants.

  1. The message subject line.
  2. Click the Label icon to assign a Gmail label to a message.
  3. The conversation participants.

Message Header

The message header displays message-specific information and controls.

  1. The sender and recipient.
  2. The date the message was sent.
  3. Canary's message tracking indicator. Place your cursor over the indicator for a pop-up as illustrated in the inset.
  4. The Left Arrow icon launches the message editor to draft a reply.

The More Actions icon includes Reply, Reply All, Forward, Send Again, Share, Delete, Mark as Unread, Mark as Spam, Save Attachments, Show Original, Print, and Re-Render.

Message Body

The message body displays the content of a message. Reply and Forward icons are provided at the bottom of the window for easy access.

  1. The Reply button opens the message editor to compose a response.
  2. The Forward button sends the message on to another recipient.

Canary for iOS

The Thread List

  1. Displays all messages in the selected folder.
  2. Displays more important messages, as determined by Canary AI.
  3. Opens the message search field.
  4. Displays only Unread, only Starred, or only Unanswered messages.
  5. The Cleaner icon allows you to bulk-select messages to apply an action to all of them at once. You can archive, delete, snooze, move, and mark conversations as read.
  6. Indicates new incoming messages.
  7. The Compose icon opens the message editor to compose an outgoing message.
  8. Displays your Activity Stream: To-Do (pinned messages), Follow-Up (marked as such via the clock icon in the message editor), and Read (read receipts).
  9. Opens the navigation bar to access message folders and app settings.

The Navigation Bar

  1. Adds an e-mail account to Canary.
  2. Switches between light and dark themes.
  3. Opens Canary Help.
  4. The active account's Inbox folder.
  5. The active account's Sent Mail folder.
  6. Expands the account folder view to display less frequently accessed folders.
  7. Switches between displaying all messages and only starred messages.
  8. Opens Canary Settings.



The Accounts section lists the e-mail accounts you've added to Canary and provides access to settings for each.


Display settings customize Canary's visual effects.


Behavior settings tweak Canary's interface, customize message handling and display, and specify default encryption choices.

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