The standard iOS styling options -- bold, italics, and underline -- are available in Canary for iOS. To style your message text:

  • Touch and hold in the message body to bring up the Select pop-up.
  • Select the text you wish to style.
  • In the pop-up, tap the Style option.
  • Tap the style you wish to apply.


Canary for Mac provides a rich-text message editor, allowing you to choose styles, fonts, color, and more to apply to your message text.

  • In the lower-left corner of the message editor, click the Aa icon to open the formatting toolbar.

The formatting toolbar offers a number of formatting options. You can change your font style, size and color or stylize your text by making it bold, italic or underlined. You can also choose your favorite font style and set it as a default for all your outgoing messages.

You can change your text alignment, increase and decrease indentions and create bulleted lists as you go. The formatting toolbar also allows you to embed hyperlinks and GIF images.

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